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Therefore, interface between the moving picture 1 and moving picture 2 becomes distinctive as illustrated in FIG. The display data in the display operation is read from the display memory M 63 depending on the 59152006 fs assignment address generated by the display address generation circuit DAG.


In this case, a write address is generated in the write address generation circuit SAG 61 with each signal of system interface signal CS chip select and signal RS resister select and signal WR write. Summary of the picture display system is explained here considering, as an example thereof, a liquid crystal display device which is a typical display device and a mobile telephone using the liquid crystal display device as a display section.

When the write line and read line cross with each other as illustrated in FIG. For the display of moving pictures, it is necessary to write the picture data synchronously with the display operation. In the moving picture display mode, 10 to 15 frames are changed within a second.


In general, a dot matrix type display device is configured 59152006 fs assignment a display panel including a large number of pixels arranged in a two-dimensional matrix and a display control circuit for displaying still pictures and moving pictures by supplying a picture signal to this display panel.

The present invention introduces, in order to attain the object described above, an interface corresponding to moving pictures which is referred to as a first function in addition to a system interface in the still picture mode which is referred to as a second function and is characterized in realization of low power consumption by changing to a still picture interface system interface for operation of interface corresponding to moving pictures only during the required period.

Namely, the display write line LW and display read line LR sometimes cross with each other. Accordingly, the existing drive control circuit is capable of displaying moving pictures but it is difficult for such circuit to display moving pictures in higher picture quality which can be seen smoothly.

Therefore, write operation of picture data and display operation thereof are performed asynchronously. The display profile of this figure is also applied to the subsequent figures.

As a display device of this type, a liquid crystal display device, an organic EL display device, a plasma display device or a field emission type display device, etc. A display read line by the display operation scanning line: A configuration of the display drive control circuit of the present invention can be summarized as follows.

A profile of displaying moving pictures within the display area of the still picture is illustrated in the display screen of the mobile telephone of FIG.

Maintenance Mode

In the display of 60 frames per second, when the 15 frames of moving picture are displayed per second, change of display is required once for every four frames.

Therefore, such interface is not preferable from the viewpoint of display quality. In the case where a picture is changed in the course of display thereof, change of display is performed while a moving picture 1 and a moving picture 2 exist simultaneously in the same display.

In this case, four changes of display occur in every second and flickers can be observed for times in every second. Requirement for display of moving pictures on a display screen of a mobile telephone is increasing in recent years.View Homework Help - ADL 55 Management of Financial Services V2 from MANAGEMENT ADL01 at Amity University.


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59152006 fs assignment
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