A comparison of the constitutions of united states and iraq

The Iraqi Constitution guarantees freedom of opinion, political partiespress and syndicate, within the law, only if it follows "the Revolutionary, national and progressive trend.

The vice-president is merely allowed to vote in the senate to interrupt a ballot which is tied. A The vice-president is 2nd highest executive officer of the authorities. Iraq has a unicameral legislative assembly The president of the United Sates receives compensation, which may non be increased or decreased during their clip in office ; for being the president.

National Constitutions

Basic principles[ edit ] The Constitution sets out a multitude of basic assertions unfortunately because of last minute changes to the constitution, most of the footnote references below to specific articles in the constitution are inaccurate: Its responsibilities are to elect the president from its members, make up the laws, and elect a vice president.

The members are elected for a term of 4 old ages. The fundamental laws seek to protect the self-respect and autonomy of adult male. The town, metropolis, or county boards are the establishments responsible for local authoritiess. In stages over the next dozen years, Iraq attained its independence as a kingdom in The representatives must be of an age of 25 or above, and citizens of the land for a lower limit of 7 old ages and an dweller of the province they are elected.

Harmonizing to the Iraqi fundamental law subdivision three chapter articles 49 the council of representatives shall be elected and shall dwell of a figure of members at a ratio of one member perIraqi individuals.

The United States Government consists of three branches.

Comparison of US Constitution to Iraq Constitution

The American fundamental law provinces that the president has all the executive power vested on him the president is the main diplomat and the commanding officer in head of the armed forces. The Secretary of province is appointed by the president and is the 3rd highest superior member of the authorities and they answer straight to the president.

Both fundamental laws are codified. In Iraq you are allowed to own a limited amount of land, but in the United States you can own unlimited land if you can pay for it. There is besides an elective province legislative assembly in each province except Nebraska bicameralismwhose members represent the province electors.

There should be two tierces bulk for a president to be elected. Islam is besides considered a beginning of statute law and the Torahs of disposal circumscribe Shariah Torahs U.

Both the Iraq and the United States fundamental laws seek to function their people who have different demographics. It can also be thought of as indicating the potential return on investment in human capital and is necessary for the calculation of various actuarial measures.

The main executive officer of the United States is the Secretary of State. The president is elected by the council of representatives by a two-thirds bulk and is limited to 2 footings in office with a span of 4years in 1 term.

In Iraq the national religion is Islam, however they also have freedom of religion. Even though the countries of Iraq and the United States have much friction between each other it is very surprising how much the constitutions of both nations are alike.

Iraq has an unemployment rate of Iraq held a national legislative election in March - choosing legislators in an expanded COR - and, after nine months of deadlock the COR approved the new government in December Amendment to the Constitution of Iraq Under a compromise brokered before the referendum, it was agreed that the first parliament that was to be elected pursuant to the new constitution would institute a Constitutional Review Committee with a view to determine whether the constitution should be amended.

A, at least 35 old ages of age and have resided in the provinces for 14 old ages. The governor is the highest elected functionary at each province is the governor. Both fundamental laws are aware of the public assistance and security of its people despite the freedom of communicating the fundamental laws provide that the freedom can be breached by a judicial determination whenever it is a affair of national security.

Under the backing of a British military business inIraqis foremost fundamental law entered into force which so formed a monarchy which remained in consequence until inthe revolution established a democracy.

The Iraqi constitution includes the rights of innocent until proven guilty at a legal trial, and the right to defense. The Executive branch enforces the laws, and can veto bills passed by Congress.

Iraq is an independent nation. In OctoberIraqis approved a constitution in a national referendum and, pursuant to this document, elected a member Council of Representatives COR in December I have learned that our government is different from other nations because the power comes from the people, instead of the government having all the power and granting the people certain rights.National Constitutions Click on the button to get the indicated file format: Format HTML Establishing a Stable Democratic Constitutional Structure in Iraq (Public International Law and Policy Group and the Century Foundation) Ireland Constitution (English) United States.

Comparison of US and Iraq Constitutions.

Constitution of Iraq

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Last Edited: essential to the existence of the United States of America and the federal government of the United States. There is also freedom of worship in the constitutions although the Iraq constitution further states that Islam is the.

Comparison of US Constitution to Iraq Constitution. or by Two-thirdss of the province legislatures using to Congress for a constitutional caucus to see amendments, which are so sent for blessing to the provinces. Both the Iraq and the United States fundamental laws seek to function their people who have different demographics.

Each of. Comparing Iraq's Constitution with the U.S. Even though the countries of Iraq and the United States have much friction between each other it is very surprising how much the constitutions of. Comparison of Us Constitution to Iraq Constitution to citizens, and to all people within the United States.

Both constitutions empathize on democracy. The constitutions seek to protect the dignity and liberty of man. A Comparison of Constitutions The declaration of independence of the united states of America and the two declarations. Comparison of Constitutions Lesson Classroom Law Writing Project /Croatia, Delaware, Maryland and Oregon Comparison of Constitutions of the United States and Croatia.

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A comparison of the constitutions of united states and iraq
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