A short biography of rembrandt one of the most influential realist painters

This personal tragedy seemed to bring forth an added emotion and intensity in the paintings and art of Rembrandt as a painter.

Rembrandt thought this would be boring, however. In he was still fulfilling major commissions for portraits and other works. Most of them had a religious theme. This painting also shows several qualities hallmarking his style. Sometimes he would spice these up by wearing fancy and colorful clothes.

To get around this, Hendrickje and Titus set up a business as art dealers inwith Rembrandt as an employee. The people looked natural and real. One third of his etchings are of religious subjects, many treated with a homely simplicity, whilst others are his most monumental prints.

In they had a daughter, Cornelia, bringing Hendrickje a summons from the Reformed Church to answer the charge "that she had committed the acts of a whore with Rembrandt the painter". Unfortunately, Rembrandt was not good with money.

Towards the end of the s, he reacted against this manner and moved to a simpler style, with fewer bitings. Interesting Facts about Rembrandt He was a big spender and liked to collect art and other items.

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He came from a reasonably wealthy family. A few erotic, or just obscene, compositions have no equivalent in his paintings. Updated 26 January He also used light and shadow to create a mood.

He would spend his income very freely; often on other works of art and props for his paintings. In fact, he could not bear to be disturbed while painting and often would take an oath to work in pin drop silence.

His education and knowledge of scriptures later proved important when he sought to capture the essence of biblical scenes in his art. He lived in some rentals in Amsterdam and finally bought a mansion of his own.

The whole piece demonstrates a purposeful composition and a sense of balance between the figures.

Rembrandt Biography

The Prodigal Son in the Taverna self-portrait with Saskia, c. Later on, he married a niece to the owner of the workshop where he worked.

Together they give a remarkably clear picture of the man, his appearance and his psychological make-up, as revealed by his richly weathered face. With these changes, Rembrandt distanced himself from earlier work and current fashion, which increasingly inclined toward fine, detailed works. The word "beweegelijkheid" is also argued to mean "emotion" or "motive".

First Amsterdam Period Despite his artistic success, it was not untilthat he really began to make it financially. In addition, surviving documents indicates he was involved in many domestic and legal tussles. His use of light becomes more jagged and harsh, and shine becomes almost nonexistent.

This caused him to effectively declare bankruptcy though he did it in a way to avoid jail. His father was a miller and somehow managed to send his son to a Latin school and later the University of Leiden. This was crucial, as he later became renowned for his paintings on historical scenes.

She would later charge Rembrandt with breach of promise a euphemism for seduction under [breached] promise to marry and was awarded alimony of guilders a year. The observer can observe up close or far away the intricate details of human faces, clothing, tools, animals, drapery, and inanimate objects.

Second Amsterdam Period InRembrandt finally left the workshop and established himself as an independent painter. The Night Watch[ edit ] Main article: July 15, in Leiden, Netherlands Died:Kids learn about the biography of Rembrandt, Dutch artist and painter of the Baroque art movement.

Parents and Today Rembrandt is considered one of the greatest artists in history and, by some, the greatest Dutch painter of all time. He painted over paintings and had a large influence on other painters throughout art history.

Rembrandt's authorship had been questioned by at least one scholar, Alfred von Wurzbach, at the beginning of the twentieth century, but for many decades later most scholars, including the foremost authority writing in English, Julius S. Held, agreed that it was indeed by the master.

Apr 04,  · Brief Biography of a Famous and Influential Artist 9: Rembrandt. 04 Apr Leave a comment. by fleurdelis18 in Rembrandt. He is generally considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European history and the most important in Dutch history.

His contributions to art came in a period that historians call the Dutch. Rembrandt Biography.


Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn ( – ) – A Dutch Master and one of the great artists of all time. Short Biography Rembrandt. Around this time, Rembrandt began to take on students, and he became admitted to the Guild of Painters.

Unfortunately, Rembrandt’s family life was subject to many misfortunes. Biography of Rembrandt; Rembrandt van Rijn, and his paintings Rembrandt van Rijn is considered as one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European art and the most important in Dutch history.

His works came to dominate what has since been named the Dutch Golden Age. The painting is one of Rembrandt's most famous historical paintings. Watch video · Follow the prolific career of painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, co-founder of Cubism and one of the most influential modernist artists of the 20th century, on mi-centre.com

A short biography of rembrandt one of the most influential realist painters
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