After writing activities

Students can get the opportunity to discuss their adventures in a fun writing piece. Give your child full attention. Story talk Talking about what you read is another way to help children develop language and thinking skills. Limiting TV viewing frees up time for reading and writing activities.

This comprehension strategy challenges students understanding of the text and after writing activities students to ask questions of the author. Transparencies Copy after writing activities of the text to a transparency. Books with repeated phrases Favorites are: As a teen employed by a record company, I drove from town to town, visiting radio stations to promote the records of artists like Buddy Holly and Jackie Wilson.

Jigsaw Organize the class into groups, each one with a specific focus. In other words, "ham it up. Interactive story If you have a student who is a computer genius, have them create a multimedia, interactive version of the story. Later on discuss using the same words for different texts.

How to Use the Strategy Select an interesting passage that would make for a good conversation. Read slowly, and with a smile or a nod, let your child know you appreciate his or her participation. Oprah bookclub Host a talkshow: Inspirations Watch a film inspired by a story e.

On one side write down important quotes, on the other comment on and analyze the quotes. TV Television can be a great tool for education. What if Write about or discuss how the story would differ if the characters were something other than they are: Present a brief passage to students along with a few questions, and model how you think through your answers to the questions.

Compare, describe, and discuss.

Reading Activities

Every group welcomed me with open arms. Dear classmate Using email or some other means of corresponding, write each other about the book as you read it, having a written conversation about the book. Look for writing organizations in your area and get involved with their activities.

Silent roundtable The only rule is the teacher cannot say anything during the period allotted for class discussion of book. They call on whomever they wish and that person picks after writing activities and continues reading for as long as they wish. Personal ad What would a particular character write in a personal ad for the newspaper?

Why do you think the author used this particular phrase? Executive summary Take a 3x5 card and summarize what happened on one side. Before I began my book, I thought I was an expert in the art of promotion.

Mother Goose rhymes are perfect. Notes and quotes Draw a line down the middle of the page. Most are always eager for new feature material. Students need to summarize key points after reading to help them comprehend the information that was learned, longer. Tell students that the new year means a fresh start and they can make promises to themselves that are positive and realistic.

We wish you many wonderful hours of reading and writing with children! Venn diagram Use a Venn diagram to help you organize your thinking about a text as you read it. Play a Fun Game Welcome your students back to school with a few fun games! This makes them manageable for new readers and helps to build their confidence.

Quaker reading Like a Quaker meeting, one person stands and reads then sits and whomever wishes to picks up and reads for as long as with wish… and so it goes.

Play a video version of a book you are reading — only turn off the sound while they watch it.Reading Activities Keeping students interested in reading often involves more than a trip to the library.

There is a wide range of reading activities young readers can engage in to bring stories to life, including getting crafty, heading outdoors to play, and dressing up as a story’s characters.

Doing activities with your children allows you to promote their reading and writing skills while having fun at the same time. These activities for pre-readers, beginning readers, and older readers includes what you need and what to do for each one.

25 Activities for Reading and Writing Fun

Here are three post-reading teaching strategies to try in your classroom today. the teacher evaluates it and plans follow-up activities to extend students learning.

Question the Author. as well as learn to critique the authors writing. How to Use the Strategy. Field Trip Reflections. Writing Activities Teaching Resources Kids writing Kindergarten Writing Literacy Games Holiday Activities Teaching writing Writing ideas Teaching Tools.

My Field Trip Writing Pack. Find this Pin and more. After-Reading Activities The following activities can be used after a reading to help students analyze concepts for a deeper understanding of ideas and organize information for later retrieval: Graphic Organizers.

15 Fun Writing Activities For Kids Teaching kids how to write doesn’t have to be all about repetition. There is absolutely a time and a place for that while learning to form specific letters but these writing activities are less structured, more creative and a good compliment to the drill that comes with learning to write.

After writing activities
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