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Throughout 17 subsequent years of his tenure Mr. If a company has a poor credit rating, this indicates a high risk of defaulting. In order to determine the potential value that American Home Products can create for its shareholders at each of the proposed levels of debt, we firstly figured out some basic ratios shown in Exhibit 2.

Thus, investors often perceive an additional issuance of stock as a negative signal. More realistically, we suppose that the firm issues short-term debt such as a five-year American home product essay bond.

If the company takes on too much debt, the cost of debt rises as default risk goes up and creditors demand a higher risk premium. During his tenure, Laporte was able to lead the company into a period of stable, consistent growth and profitability.

Book value per share is determined by net worth divided by the average number of current shares outstanding. The levered value of the firm is equal to: AHP has debt-free balance sheet and growing cash reserves.

Laporte had taken over as chief executive of American Home Products in We already determined EBIT and the associated interest payments for of the three restructuring options in exercise 2a.

The firm is losing opportunities of research and development American home product essay more investment to expansion. This culture had several components: This debt to equity ratio can result in the maximum value of company for the investors according to the ratio analysis especially the EPS and the ROE.

ROE is defined as NI divided by equity.

American Home Products Corp Case Analysis Essay

These tax benefits reflect the savings in taxes resulting from interest payments to debt holders that reduce the EBT. The firm had increased sales, earnings, and dividends for 29 consecutive years through Conservatism and risk aversion. Laporte even if authorized in the corporate budget.

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Important underlying assumptions in these calculations are that the interest rate, the debt amount and the tax rate remain constant, and that the budgeted numbers in the case are right.

How much business risk does AHP face? How would the capital markets react to a decision by the company to increase the use of debt in its capital structure?

This is referred to as the ready access to cash or debt financing. AHP takes the excess cash to repurchase shares from its shareholders. At the time the principal is due, the company raises the money needed to pay it by issuing new debt.

It is used to help determine the levered beta and, through this, the optimal capital structure of corporate firms. The lower the ratio, the more the company is burdened by debt expense.

American Home Products Corporation Essay Sample

This increase in potential value is thanks to the interest tax shield. AHP consistently avoided much of the risk of new product development and introduction in the volatile drug industry.

For a quite long time, AHP has applied a tight financial control and maintained an conservative capital structure policy and marketing strategy. Laporte approaches retirement, American Home Products AHP has an important decision to make with respect to adopting a more aggressive capital structure policy.

We compute it using the Dividend Discount Model: But with the restructuring, we notice that it decreases which is represented by the numbers shaded in red. Firstly, it can be determined with the following formula: We recognize that the tax benefits increase with adding debt.

The cause is simple. Credit rating agencies determine the creditworthiness of companies. Laporte, is chief executive of AHP.

For example, now firm can allow to increase their investment on their research and development, while being more aggressive approach to be more productive and creative instead of being conservative or replicating competitors which possibly guide the firm to be left behind in global market.

Taking into account the fact that the debt issued is perpetual, we review that the present value of a perpetuity can be calculated by dividing the amount of cash flows in this case: This financial ratio shows how much a company pays out in dividends each year in relation to its share price.

By analyzing the ratios calculated in the previous exercises, we have to mention several important points.American Home Products offers a variety of products spread over 4 product lines. This allows the company to attract many consumers and if one product line does have a decline in sales, the company still has 3 other product lines to make up for the lost profit.

Most appropriate capital structure for American Home Products is 30% debt to total capital. Several reasons will explain the reason why this structure gives advantage to AHP.

The first, as using 30% debt ratio, the company would be able to be recapitalized; hence, common shares outstanding of million can be repurchased. American Home Product (AHP) Case Essay Words | 6 Pages. American Home Products (AHP) has established a strong track record of revenue growth and return on equity over the past decade, producing a host of products in four separate business lines: prescription drugs, packaged drugs, food products, and housewares/household products.

American Home Products (AHP) has established a strong track record of revenue growth and return on equity over the past decade, producing a host of products in four separate business lines: prescription drugs, packaged drugs, food products, and housewares/household products.

Introduction. American Home Product (AHP) was founded in with the merging of several small home product companies. As the company expanded in the ’s, it acquired companies in different businesses.

American Home Product Essay

American Home Products Corporation Essay Sample. American Home Products Corporation1. CASE SUMMARYAHP Chief Executive”I just don’t like to owe money”, said William F. Laporte, AHP chief executive, when asked about his company’s almost debt-free balance sheet and growing cash reserves.

American home product essay
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