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Later on, the class makes enough money to have Miep Gies to arrive to the United States and tell her experience when she helped Anne Frankher family, and the Van Pels hide from the Nazis ; she then also persuades to the students that they are Andre from freedom writers and that they "within their own small ways, [can] turn on a small light in a dark room.

At school, Gruwell intercepts a racist drawing by one of her high school students and utilizes it to teach them about the Holocaustmost of whom have no knowledge of. She compiles the entries and names it The Freedom Writers Diary.

The film ends with a note that Gruwell successfully prepared numerous high school students to graduate high school and attend college, for many the first in their families to do so. Gruwell invites various Jewish Holocaust survivors to talk with her class about their experiences and requires the students to attend a field trip to the Museum of Tolerance.

Erin struggles to connect to her students and she experiences numerous fights between some students, who are in rival gangs.

The following school year comes, and Gruwell teaches her class now sophomores again, making it the second year that she is their teacher. Gruwell fights this decision, eventually convincing the superintendent to permit her to teach her kids during their junior and senior years, much to their elation.

She gradually begins to earn their trust and buys them composition books to record their diaries, in which they talk about their experiences of being abused, seeing their friends die, and being evicted. Hernandezher boyfriend, and a friend go to a convenience store. Her students start to behave with respect and discover a lot more.

Her husband divorces her and Margaret tells her she cannot teach her kids for their junior year. Meanwhile, Gruwell asks her students to write their diaries in book form.

Determined to reform her high school students, Gruwell takes on two part-time jobs to pay for more books and spends a lot more time at school, much to the disappointment of her husband Patrick Dempsey.

A transformation is specifically visible in one student, Marcus Jason Finn. On the first day of semester, Gruwell makes her class do a "Toast for Change", allowing everyone to open up about their struggles and what they wish to change about themselves. Sindy Jaclyn Ngana Cambodian refugee, frequents the same convenience store.

One night, Eva Benitez April L.

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Grant Rice Armand Jonesan African-American student at Woodrow Wilson, frustrated at losing an arcade game, demands a refund from the store owner. Meanwhile, her unique training methods are scorned by her colleagues and department chair Margaret Campbell Imelda Staunton.

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On leaving the court, Eva is attacked and threatened but ultimately spared by members of her gang and ends up going to live with her aunt in order to keep herself safe. As a witness, Eva must testify at court; she intends to guard "her own" in her testimony.Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Andre From Freedom Writers.

For example, Andre proved mi-centre.coml wrong when she thought her students did not know Tupac. Only until mi-centre.coml passed out journals for the students to write in, he started to put in his effort towards school.

Erin Gruwell Married to Scott Teacher of Room Energetic, empathetic, patient and determined Eva Benitez Most resistance to Erin Testifies against her own at court 3rd generation gang member Andre Bryant Liked to prove others wrong Wasn’t motivated in school until Gruwell handed out journals Grew to see that education was more [ ].

Freedom Writers () cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Gruwell confronts him on this and tells him that she believes in him and that he can do much better. Realizing that she cares, Andre was able to better himself and become a better students.

Andre At the beginning of the movie, Jamal believes that school is a waste of time, and is seen fighting with Andre. Erin Gruwell: The evaluation assignment was to grade yourself on the work you're doing. You gave yourself an F. What's that about? Andre: It's what I feel I deserve, that's all.

Andre from freedom writers
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