Art censorship why graffiti should be

We now call for the kidnapping of: Graffiti has been used for years and years, from drawing on walls by the cavemen to the claiming of cities by the ancient Romans.

A naked but desexualized image of the Roman wine deity, cast in bronze and holding a child, its litheness seems countered only by its gaiety.

As a society, we have the right to think that way, but it is not a fact. In order for something to be considered art, you do not have to like it. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd is an associate editor at AlterNet and a Brooklyn-based freelance writer and editor. Jean Toche, Flyers, People around the world also know Banksy, a famous London-based graffiti artist, for his satirical street art that reflects his political views.

It continues to become more widespread despite the ongoing debate of whether or not it is vandalism. Graffiti, whether found on walls, train cars, or buildings, is art. Many argue art must be appealing to the eye of the beholder. It was just their way of life and how they claimed their land.

During ancient times, the first forms of scripture and storytelling by the natives or cavemen were through drawings on walls. Stories passed through generations, and generations were preserved on rocks or walls. Her NEA solo performance grant was defunded, then refunded, leading to a Supreme Court case in which she challenged the law that required the NEA to be held up to decency standards.

Many others are beginning to realize the influence graffiti has on the world, and famous street art will only continue to flourish.

Could graffiti ever be considered art?

Here are six artists who were banned, censored or arrested, evoking controversy and setting precedents in visual art: Graffiti is a way for people to express themselves and show their imagination and creativity. The world is a canvas for graffiti artists, and they should feel free to cover it as they please.

Send Email Cancel Graffiti covers the walls of freeways, bridges and buildings, showcasing the talent of those who create the beautiful imagery. If that is how they live, who are we to judge? Graffiti in Los Angeles, circacourtesy Wikipedia.

6 Artists Who Were Banned, Censored or Arrested by Conservatives

Modern day graffiti is found everywhere. This street art beautifies cities by giving them character and making them look unique and personal.

Graffiti should be recognized as art, not vandalism

If somebody thought the Mona Lisa was ugly, does that make it any less art? It also has given cities a unique flare. It resides in the Metropolitan Museum of Art to this day, and partly as a result of the uproar surrounding it, MacMonnies became world-famous for the sculpture.18 Responses to “Graffiti should be recognized as art, not vandalism” carly on February 26th, am I believe graffiti is art it shows emotion and.

Art Censorship In recent news there was a controversy over art shown in Santa Fe Community College's gallery. The artist Pat Payne created obscene religious pictures that for the most part were mocking the Catholic religion. Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.

When we see graffiti, most people’s reaction isn’t to praise the artist for creativity. Nobody ever seems to be inspired by street art or, as most call it, graffiti. We are all copies of one another in today. And while society’s sensitivity has decreased greatly towards the issue of censorship, graffiti art still tends to offer a platform for artists to push boundaries and create images that incite reactions.

Many people find the messages sent by street art to be provocative and inappropriate for the setting. Graffiti should not be legal. Graffiti, like it or not, is art. That is not the problem. The canvas is the issue.

Arguments for legalization seem to ignore the simple fact that these acts are committed on someone else's property. Graffiti is the vandalization of someone else's property. Plain and simple. It is no different than keying someone's car. With a brief reprieve after the ‘90s culture wars, it looks as though the tide is shifting back in the direction of visual art censorship.

Art censorship why graffiti should be
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