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Sign in to vote. The experiment is to be set in a mock Das experiment a review environment, and Tarek is immediately intrigued by the possibility of writing a story based on his experience as a research subject. Scheuring shows Barris getting a hard-on after he bosses around another person.

Tarek is able to sell the idea to his former editor, and he then applies and is accepted as one of the test cases. Hirschbiegel paces the film masterfully, proceeding at a high-energy clip throughout, yet knowing exactly the right moments to take his foot off of the gas pedal.

In addition to Bleibtreu, Justus Von Dohnanyi is captivating as the twisted Berus and Oliver Stokowski garners immense sympathy as Schutte, a simple man and fellow prisoner in way over his head.

Furthermore, they point out that a red light will come on and they study terminate without them getting their paycheck. The cast fares better than the threadbare, woebegone material. Spoilers This lackluster sociological study gone wrong poses the perennial question: Of course, the guards usurp their authority and take advantage of the prisoners who outnumber them and eventually turn on them and overpower them.

Tarek transforms into Prisoner 77, and while the two sides at first simply go through the motions, the situation quickly begins to deteriorate. Poorly done from start to finish with a plot that is predictable as a boulder tumbling down a mountain side.

The two lonely souls spend the night together, and Dora urges Tarek to reconsider his involvement in the experiment.

Aside from the opening and closing moments, "The Experiment" boasts an all-male cast. At fade-out, Brody makes it to India and Grace kisses his scarred knuckles.

Driven to obtain the most sensational story possible, Tarek makes every effort to provoke the guards and draws the wrath of their initially quiet leader, Berus Justus von Dohnanyi. If you have a low tolerance for subtitles and only plan to see one foreign language film this year, look no further.

Facts and Figures Year: Forest Whitaker is well cast as a guard named Barris who lives with his mother and needs the dough to pay the rent. No talking during the movie. As you can imagine, Travis qualifies as the most sympathetic character. The confrontations become more frequent and heated, and soon the experiment spins completely out of the control of the scientists conducting it, as the guards debase the prisoners with various forms of brutality.

Later, Barris decides the best way to punish Travis is to urinate on him as well as shave his head. The bespectacled behavioral scientist Fisher Stevens who coordinates the study tells guards and inmates alike that they must not strike each other and warn them that the study will be suspended if violence erupts.

Was this review helpful? Originally, college students participated in the real Stanford experiment that took place in and sought to document what would happen if morally conscious people were in a morally ambiguous situation.

The surprises are few and far between in this one-dimensional sociological film. German first time feature filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel storms out of the gate with his intense and intelligent thriller Das Experiment.

The vicious humiliation to which the prisoners are subjected is horrifying and makes for an absolutely draining viewing experience. Add to the mix a fantastic lead performance by Moritz Bleibtreu Run Lola Runand what results is a film I can confidently label a "must see.

Before he joins the experimental study, Travis meets pretty blond girl Maggie Grace during a peace rally and they decide to visit India.

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This claustrophobic yarn is presented in a straightforward fashion, meaning that humor is conspicuously absent from the action, but the gravity of the situation yields few rewards.Talk about a riveting debut.

German first time feature filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel storms out of the gate with his intense and intelligent thriller Das Experiment. Based on Mario Giordano's novel Black Box (and I'd have to assume also inspired. The Experiment movie reviews & Metacritic score: Inspired by the Stanford Prison Experiment, this psychological drama focuses on twenty paid recruits who are.

DAS EXPERIMENT is an intense, gory, brutal, sadistic, and hopeless study of the innate depravity of man. The attitudes portrayed in this movie read like the seven most deadly sins – plus. They run the gamut from pride, to anger, greed, fear, revenge, manipulation, hatred, disobedience, cowardice.

The Experiment

Some critics of "Das Experiment" question the fact that the guards become cruel so quickly, but the real-life experiment bears that out.

What is fascinating is how most of the members of both groups tend to follow charismatic leaders. Das Experiment (“The Experiment”), directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel and released inhas been informally tagged as a German “psycho-thriller,” loosely based on the novel, Black Box, by Mario Giordano.

The Experiment is a American thriller film directed by Paul Scheuring and starring Adrien Brody, Forest Whitaker,Cam Gigandet and Maggie mi-centre.com film is also a remake of the German film Das Experiment, which was directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel.

The experiment begins when 26 men are.

Das experiment a review
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