Describe an artist or entertainer you admire

He mostly took part in action movies and particularly he played key roles in western movies filled with thrills and actions. She was also honoured for selling over 50 million albums in Europe in Besides, being a celebrity, he is close to the admirers and ordinary people which is an unusual trait for a bigshot like him.

I admire him for his natural acting. Presently, Aamir Khan is one of the most popular leading actors in the Indian film industry and people prefer his movies for his perfectionist nature. Maybe people like to copy them because they feel that they identify with the actor or a particular character.

Celine Dion is popular among the people who have crossed their 20s. Wearing a classical western dress, holding guns in his waist and drawing them fast brought his position permanently as a celebrity. Besides, he is also a successful politician and runs his own production company.


Accordingly, she has become a popular singer and I am also a fan of her for some reasons. He dropped out from college to pursue acting as a career. Do you think men and women have different tastes in entertainment? Her songs are not associated with musical noise only and they have some special inner meaning.

Brad Pitt is a legendary actor to me for his natural acting skills. Well, the breadth of her career in terms of range of parts she has played is simply astonishing.

She is also considered as the most influential and popular voice in the history of pop music. In fact, the movies only showed the scenes and expression of the artists but there were no sounds against the expressions.

But there are definitely some things like music and books which are quite different for men and women. Sometimes maybe, but not always. His family turned poor as his father left while his mother had to struggle for survival and she was financially insolvent.

He began his career at an early childhood for his survival. Some of his movies are considered as the greatest movies ever made in the entertainment industry.

All such reasons have made her favourite to me. He takes regular exercise to increase or reduce pounds to represent the character perfectly. Aamir Khan is a man of kind heart. He always seems to have the best intentions but he gets himself into terrible problems and funny situations just doing normal things.

Nonetheless, she is famous all over the world for her lucid voice and singing style. In fact, most of his movies were based on comedy and he used to portray some social problems through the movies. The results were awesome.

She has done seemingly everything! Do many young people or, children try to imitate film stars e. Whatever the role is, he takes the role for granted and tries to reflect the features of the character through his acting.In Part 2 of the IELTS Speaking Module, you need to give a short talk, of about minutes, on a simple topic.

The questions do not require any specific knowledge, but are based on personal experience. Describe an artist or entertainer you admire. You should say: Who they are and what they do; IELTS Speaking Tips; IELTS Writing.

The following question is a variation on the "describe a person" topic. Describe an artist or entertainer you admire You should say. who they are and what they do.

Describe a person you admire or who has influenced you a great deal “Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.” Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the most famous and influential composers of all time. Jul 12,  · Describe(a famous) artist (still live)you admire(eg:a painter, a performer etc)You should say?

Who he or she is How you know about this person (or when you first learned about this person) What he or she has done to become famous And explain why you admire this Resolved.

IELTS Speaking Part 2: artist or entertainer. The following question is a variation on the "describe a person" topic.

Describe an artist or entertainer you admire You should say. who they are and what they do; how they became successful; how you.

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If you can talk about the cue card topic "Describe an artist or entertainer you admire." you should be able to talk about the following IELTS cue cards topics as well: Describe an actor/ actress you admire. Describe a famous actor in your country.

Describe a celebrity you like.

Describe an artist or entertainer you admire
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