How to write a punk guitar riff

After all, since when did punks start planning? I have an issue with the fact that the bass follows exactly what the rhythm guitars are playing. Notice how the guitar outlines each chord using only two notes with very little movement between each chord. From my perspective, the guitar riff has suffered in modern music in terms of creativity and usage.

You could also experiment with having the guitar play the major 3rd interval of C-E and have the bass play the route to outline the full A minor chord. Using this method can help make your riffs sound more musical. As a rough guide, a line of melody or a verse should span over chord-pattern-repetitions in multiples of 4.

To finish, I want to give you an example of one my own songs that incorporates all of my tips into one riff. Think Up A Melody This is going to be the melody which runs over the chords you picked in the last step, and so you should think up a tune which matches the notes within the chords.

Will Wallner is a guitarist from England now living in Los Angeles. For your band, for your own personal enjoyment Here are a few tips that might help you write better riffs.


This means during a verse you should perhaps expect to play your chord progression 4 or 8 times. Follow Will on Facebook and Twitter. As most guitarists know, you can play the same chord in many different positions on the neck.

These are guidelines only. In music, the hook is a theme which runs throughout. Want to know how to write a punk song? This will give you the same chord but with a much clearer sound. When using high-gain guitar amp, big chords played across many stings will sound mushy.

He recently signed a solo deal with Polish record label Metal Mind Productions for the release of his debut album, which features influential musicians from hard rock and heavy metal.

This demonstrates a lack of musicianship and knowledge. My biggest pet peeve is when guitarists write riffs using solely "power chords. In studio recordings, if you double track power chords through a high-gain amp and then have the bass guitar also play the root, you can end up with a very messy sound that lacks clarity.

This could be a catchy melody, a simple yet unique guitar riff, or even a line of lyrics. Words will come later. I hope these tips give you some ideas on how to be more creative with your own riffs. The following guidelines will help you to create your very own punk song. The concept of voice leading is when changing from one chord to another to use the closest possible voicing to the previous chord.Hailing from New York, We Are The In Crowd add a colourful splash of rock to their own pop punk, helping them to infuse a meaty backbone into the music they write.

When we asked guitarist Cameron Hurley to choose seven iconic pop punk tracks for your aural delectation he mused, “The iconic guitar riff might be one of the most sought after.

Write A Punk Song From Start To Finish Today: 10 Easy Steps to Help You Succeed

Mar 25,  · Best Answer: If you want to write classic punk you've got two basic chord structures to choose from: two chord east coast punk (cf The Ramones and the whole CBGB scene) or three chord west coast punk (cf Greenday and the like). I suggest listening to samples of both to help you Resolved.

May 13,  · Start writing a song with just one good guitar riff.


95% of pop punk songs are short, fast, and guitar-driven. Find notes or power chords that you think sound good together and make up a short little phrase to repeat. Most pop-punk songs are simple -- find a riff you like and repeat it to write a verse or chorus%(32). Over the course of five lessons, we’re going to examine the most common riff-writing techniques from the classic rock era.

In part one, I will give you the three golden rules for writing guitar riffs straight out of classic rock: First, choose a rhythm.

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Second, choose a scale. Third, noodle until the magic appears. ‘First, choose a rhythm. As a rock/metal guitarist, I am continuously working on writing better guitar riffs. From my perspective, the guitar riff has suffered in modern music in terms of creativity and usage.

A good, creative riff is the most important ingredient when writing any rock/metal song. Here are a few tips that might help you write better riffs. If you've got a good 4-chord progression going, think of a melodic guitar riff that can be played the same way over all 4 chords.

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How to write a punk guitar riff
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