Muslim and christan attitiudes towards essay

This statement completely contradicts what has been written by Matthew in the New Testament. He besides says that this is ok.

Islam And Christianity Merchants Essay Sample

Lastly, Document 6, letter to and from Italian merchants, show that in the fourteenth-century Christians fully embraced trade and wealth and even traced back their good fortune to G-d. Islam says that being wealthy is accepted, as long as the manner in which one has achieved their wealth is trustworthy, honest, and respectable.

The merchandisers female parent said that God has been good to her merchandiser boy.

The periods of continuity and so a alteration of Christian positions differs from the Islamic positions which have maintained uninterrupted.

As long as a merchant holds these values in their work they will have their spot in the kingdom of heaven.

Tell us what you need to have done now! Obviously, these two religions developed their own unique points of view toward commerce and trading through ever-changing society and different eras. He leads himself back to the life of a simple adult male. Doc 1, Doc 3, and Doc 2 are the early religious opinions about the trading.

In the 14th century, merchants were considered beneath many social classes. The New Testament written by Matthew in 70 to 80 CE, makes it seem that wealthy men, merchants, or tradesmen, will have a much more difficult time entering the kingdom of heaven than a man who lives a humble, lowly life.

Ibn Khaldun, in the 14th century, also explains why he and other Muslims view erchants are not worthy of respect. Now when approaching this topic from Islamic values, we notice that being wealthy is not frowned upon as it is in Christianity.

Therefore, it shows that following God for spiritual sublimation is much better that the materialistically owning wealth, foiling the disdain to commerce of Christianity. Oppositely, Islam started off by encouraging honest trade and commerce but as time went on saw that trade without corruption was impossible and found trade deplorable.

Summa Theologica written by Thomas Aquinas in Document 4 further shows the progression of tolerance by stating that trade is acceptable as long as merchants are honest. The attitudes towards merchants varied between different sources; the holy books had a different written record of its outlook on merchants than other people recorded.

The latest information given refering this subject on the Islamic point of position has confirmed the continuity.

Muslim and Christan Attitiudes Towards Essay Sample

Even common people, like a Christian mother scolds her own son, a merchant, for being greedy [D6]. Godric, which shows that Godric started from a merchant although was very rich, abandoned all his possessions and donated to the charity in order to sincerely follow God and serve God.

The Attitudes of Christianity and Islam Towards Trade

This does pretermit the positions of Christianity. Aquinas and Khaldun clarify why their faiths look down upon merchants. Muslim law, as time went one, continued to allowed merchants to trade, but some instances of trade were rebuked by whole towns [D7]. Islam says that being affluent is accepted.

Ap World Dbq Christian and Islam Attitude Towards Merchants

We receive a story of a man, Godric, who began his life yearning towards the goal of wealth and materialistic gratification.

Thus, views from people who did not believe in Islam or Christianity will offer a more thorough idea. More essays like this: This shows that Christianity was progressing to being more tolerant of merchants. Islam and Christianity always to commended honest business and condemned greedy, inequitable trade; however, Islam did have a high opinion of merchants but came to agree with Christians that merchants were not respectable.

From Christians viewed merchants as often easily corrupted by riches, whereas Islam encouraged fair trade; however byChristians and Muslims both viewed merchants as immoral, unjust people.

In the 2nd Century, monks were distinguished Christians who devoted their entire life to their faith. As time progresses to a second later period, the ideas remain very close to their original viewpoints. Notice that it is stated that it is hard for a affluent adult male to come in the land of Eden.

Through this description, we can see that Christians became more and more inclusive about trades as long as trades are entirely free double-dealing. Later in the twelfth century, Reginald, peer and colleague of Godric, wrote the life of St.Essays & Papers The Attitudes of Christianity and Islam Towards Trade - Paper Example The Attitudes of Christianity and Islam Towards Trade Throughout history Christians and Muslims have interacted through trade and commerce - The Attitudes of Christianity and Islam Towards Trade introduction.

Using the Documents, compare and contrast the differences of Christian and Islamic attitudes towards merchants until about From a review of the 7 documents presented, it is clear that Christianity and Islam condemned inequitable trade, which led to many Christians and Muslims to look down upon merchants; however, honest.

Muslim and Christan Attitiudes Towards Essay Sample When comparing and contrasting the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchandisers and trade from the religions’ origins until about we notice there is a alteration in attitude over clip in Christianity.

while the attitude of Islam maintains continuity. The attitudes of Christian and Islamic people toward merchants and trade from religions' origins until about show change over time. At first Christians were against merchants and trade and the Muslim's were more fair towards them, but then attitud 5/5(1).

Rebecca Joseph DBQ Essay Between the first and seventeenth centuries trade within the Muslim and Christian world flourished and mi-centre.comianity and Islam emerged as the world’s most influential mi-centre.comianity and Islam are both unique yet different religions.

Both religions attitudes toward merchants and trade varied. This paper will compare and contrast the attitudes of Christianity and Islam toward merchants and trade from the religions" origins and any /5(11).

Muslim and christan attitiudes towards essay
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