Nur 440 university of phoenix vulnerable population and workplace disparities project

Old people are categorized as senile, rigid in thought and manner, old-fashioned in morality and skills] Ageism. The number of single parent female-headed households inaccording to This isolation puts members of these groups at risk for not obtaining necessary medical care, and thus constitutes a potential threat to their health.

This makes the mentally ill vulnerable to homelessness and isolation from the world. At Any Given Time, anyone can become vulnerable, the composition of the population has changed demographically and the elderly population has increased in recent years because of the development of For example, many young people today have little personal contact with older family members such as grandparents; also, health care providers usually see only older people who are acutely or chronically ill, and are hospitalized or live in a long-term care setting.

What makes the elderly a vulnerable population? This same percentage will be considered vulnerable population. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDCadolescents are the only portion of society in the United States that has not observed a decrease in mortality and morbidity during the past four decades.

NUR 440 - Health Assessment and Promotion of Vulnerable Population

Clifford works in middle management and is looking forward to life beyond the office. The elderly is one of the sub groups of the population which require special care in specific needs.

Emergency rooms experience overcrowding and many emergency nurses report fatigue, over worked, and frustrated in dealing with the psychiatric patient. Evaluate your workplace for the presence of barriers in understanding vulnerability.

Even though it is three years old, it is still very current and rings true, especially in our current economic status. In addition, she is very self-conscious about her weight and feels emotionally rejected by her friends because she is overweight.

Vulnerable Population A vulnerable population is any group or community of people who are susceptible or at higher risk to contract disease, or illness physically or psychologically.

To many people, aging is synonymous with death; these individuals have a negative view of their aging process, which usually results from fear, lack of exposure to older individuals, and a lack of understanding of how varied experiences can enhance the overall quality of life.

Some of the difficulties that black women experience are financial hardships, lack of education, and inadequate social networking. There are of many of these assessment tools, some more effective than others, and it is the responsibility of the practitioner to see which is more likely to fit the dynamic of whatever situation one is attempting to resolve.

Increase awareness of vulnerability and identify psychiatric patient as a vulnerable population. Through the use of assessment tools, such as Beck Depression Inventory, Mini-Mental State Exam, Perceived Stress Scale, a nurse can determine the type and intensity of care the patient may need.

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Self-Awareness Paper Nursing The most common attributes shared by groups currently identified as vulnerable in the United States include the following a having a downgraded sociocultural status, b having limited access to economic resources, or c belonging to a certain age and gender group Chesnay,p.

These challenges cannot draw nurses away from practicing the core of nursing. Children are a huge part of this vulnerable population as they are not always able to defend themselves.It is my hope what the medical professionals can reflect on this research and from NUR at University of Phoenix.

Example of a Vulnerable Population in the Workplace Project Paper for NUR at the University of Phoenix. Find relevant examples of papers for this class here. View Essay - Barriers in the Emer from NUR at University of Phoenix. 1 Barriers in the Emergency Room to Decreasing a Health Disparity in the Homeless Population Lendora Saunders NUR.

Vulnerable Population in the Workplace. Nur University Of Phoenix Vulnerable Population Project. Vulnerable Neighborhood Jessica Garcia Nur/ 11/28/ Sheila De Vaugh Vulnerable Neighborhood Angelo Reyes is the character that I pick in the Neighborhood who is in a vulnerable is a 40 year old Hispanic married male architect.

Angelo has been. I haveprovided the nursing supervisors at my organization two articles related to cultural competencein an effort to provide them as leaders’ information on how bias can affect quality health articles were obtained from the coarse readings at University of Phoenix; NUR/HealthAssessment and Promotion For Vulnerable Populations.

Aug 01,  · Vulnerable Population Sara Williams Nur/ University of Phoenix Vulnerable Population A vulnerable population is a group of persons whose range Words: — Pages: 6.

Nur 440 university of phoenix vulnerable population and workplace disparities project
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