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These rules may include administrative provisions authorizing the suspension or reduction of Employee Contributions above a specified dollar amount or percentage of Compensation.

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BatteryMax were operated by Batteries Batteries for Everything. In making a distribution as permitted under this Section, the Employer shall specifically designate the distribution as that officemax business plan of excess Employee Contributions.

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Any income that is allocable to such excess Employee Contribution that is distributed pursuant to this subparagraph is to be included in the gross income of the Participant for the year in which such amount is distributed.

Eric Hollander said in a statement "OfficeMax, if properly exposed to the market for corporate control, would bring a price materially in excess of the amount offered in the proposed transaction Purchase by Boise[ edit ] From OfficeMax began closing underperforming stores in some neighborhoods and in regions officemax business plan it did not have a strong presence.

In making a distribution under this paragraph, the Employer shall specifically designate such distribution as a distribution consisting of Employee Contributions and income or loss in officemax business plan of that permitted by the actual deferral percentage limit.

Hurwitz served as executive chairman and chief executive officerand Feuer was the president and chief operating officer. Any distribution in accordance with this paragraph shall be made without regard to any notice or consent otherwise required under Code Sections a 11 or A Participant may suspend his Employee Contributions effective within two payroll cycles.

With respect to Employees who are eligible to make Employee Contributions but make no such contributions under this Plan, such actual deferral percentage shall be zero.

Hurwitz left the company in and Feuer became the chairman and chief executive officer. Securities and Exchange Commission finished reviewing documents relating to its merger with OfficeMax.

If any Highly Compensated Employee is a Participant under two or more cash or deferred arrangements maintained by an Employer or Affiliate, all such arrangements shall be treated as one cash or deferred arrangement for purposes of determining the actual deferral percentage of such Participant.

A Participant suspending his Employee Contributions pursuant to this paragraph shall be permitted to resume making Employee Contributions as of any subsequent Participation Date. Such contributions may be made only with respect to an amount which the Participant could otherwise elect to receive in cash and which is not currently available to the Participant as of the date an election under this Section is made.

Any excess Employee Contribution distributed pursuant to this subparagraph is to be included in the gross income of the Participant for the year to which such excess Employee Contribution relates.

A Participant shall be deemed to notify the Committee of any excess Employee Contributions that arise by taking into account only those Employee Contributions made to this Plan and any other plans of the Employer. In the event a Participant has no Compensation for any payroll period, no Employee Contribution may be made for such period.

For other purposes of the Code, including Sections a 4k 3,andexcess Employee Contributions shall be treated as Employer Contributions, even if they are distributed in accordance with the provisions hereunder.

The Committee will maintain records sufficient to demonstrate satisfaction of the actual deferral percentage limits and the amount of Employee Contributions used in measuring such limits. Such percentage shall be equal to the total Employee Contribution made on his behalf for the Plan Year divided by his Compensation in the Plan Year.

On November 5,the merger was completed. A Participant may elect to change his Employee Contribution percentage at any time, effective within two payroll cycles. For purposes of the foregoing, if a Highly Compensated Employee participates in two or more cash or deferred arrangements that have different Plan Years, all cash or deferred arrangements ending with or within the same calendar year will be treated as the same arrangement.

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Moreover, for purposes of determining the actual deferral percentage limits, Employee Contributions must be made before the last day of the month period immediately following the Plan Year to which such contributions relate. OfficeMax developed regional delivery centers, and invested in its super-regional PowerMax distribution centers in Las Vegas, NevadaHazleton, Pennsylvaniaand Birmingham, Alabama after litigation began with previous logistics and shipping provider.

OfficeMax Inc et al.Business is constantly changing and developing- you should be too. We provide opportunities to develop your competencies and skills that will benefit you now and into your future. At Office Depot OfficeMax we understand that nothing is more important than our employees’ happiness and health.

It’s simple, their wellbeing is our wellbeing. Office Depot and OfficeMax have joined forces, and we invite you to discover the many added benefits our merger presents for your business. Job opening for Strategic Business Development Manager at Office Depot OfficeMax. Two months after declaring it was "business as usual" for a company it was taking over, OfficeMax has told employees of a Wellington company of plans to close most of its offices, with dozens of.

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