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The greatest number of complaints made about computers and computer programs are that they run slowly and they produce inaccurate information. Backbone Design Patton-Fuller Community Hospital is an intricate group of departments and systems that rely heavily on network interconnections.

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Request for Project Essay

This robust cable will support digitized medical imaging technology. The Apache Web server has a well established group dedicated to the discussion, identification, and correction of any security risk one might find in their software systems.

This router can do so Patton fuller community hospital request for project rfp if one takes the time to provide expert level training and administration of the unit.

This method provides near absolute security by use of tunnels. They just become annoyed, take a break, or shift to other duties. Cisco also offers more than enough information to configure the ASA Adaptive Security Appliance for the most secure VNP connections connected to the local network and the data stored within its boundaries.

This technology helps to keep the system from becoming overloaded and causing failures. The elements included in the cost factor are repair cost, hardware and software upgrades, maintenance support, training. Inadequate hard disks can create delays in the processing of information on the LAN server.

Network Protocols Network Protocols define rules and conventions for communication between network devices. The CPU-cache has to be upgraded to increase computer memory and therefore increase performance.

Data Integrity Data integrity- refers to the validity of data, meaning data is consistent and correct.

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Equipment testing should be conducted prior to installation to ensure the equipment responses as quickly as needed. Varied levels of access to each data access point should be appropriate for the needs of that specific terminal or network address.

Common types of topology are the bus, ring, star, and mesh. They must ensure that their medium for transferring data is robust enough to support their daily medical activities.

By using adequate username password rules for access to the physical network, the network is at far less risk of a brute force attack.

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The upgraded Ethernet will allow Patton-Fuller to share these images as well as other data with other medical counterparts Fitzgerald, Information Technology IT has to monitor and regulate the setting on the software.

Currently, a wireless access point is also installed in each ward and throughout the ICU by using a Cisco series access point.

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Ideally, each server is connected to only three or four network interface cards. Hire Writer Once the network and storage is fully installed and working as specified the next step is to assure that the software and supporting hardware is well suited to display the data to the end users in an easily manageable and highly functional method.

Costs for the Project The costs to an organization to operate a network are substantial. Total cost of ownership measures the annual cost to keep one computer in an operational state Fitzgerald, A.

These are Network Operations, which are account administration, authentication services, directory services, e-mail and messaging, mainframe and cluster operations, mass data storage, policy management, printing, security administration, WAN Operations, web services; End User Support: Apple Filing Protocol allows Patton-Fuller to access files over their network, allows for personal file sharing, and supports features of HFS the standard file system in MAC OS such as source forks and creator codes, and the desktop database.

Valid values, only allowed values are permitted in the database, for example, if a column can only have positive integers, a value of -1 cannot be allowed.

System Response Time Patton-Fuller Hospital is also concerned that the computer equipment that has been installed, and does not respond the instant a command is given. A common way of enforcing data integrity is through Referential Integrity, which is the relationship between the primary key of one table and the foreign key of another table.

Garbage in garbage out is a well known term, and is frequent if there is no data integrity in the data warehouse. Of course, the root of a good system is a good backbone network design.

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Of the four types of typology listed, the bus topology would best suite Patton-Fuller. Costs relating to wasted time when the network is down or when the user is in training for updated software are included Fitzgerald, Once again, a hospital is not the place for inadequate networking equipment.

Patton can use a 3rd server to store patient medical record. The two keys must always be maintained. By closely monitoring the levels of data in which each access point or user has the ability to view, one immediately closes most security lapses on the network.

This cable is designed to run fiber optics.

Today the two major backbones of the network include a Base T using CAT6 cable which provides network access to many administrative and operational areas of the facility. The Ethernet software then functions with the data layer link to ensure that only the intended addresses receive the data.Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Request for Project (RFP) The following document shall serve as the RFP (Request for Project) for the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.

Team A has researched the hospital’s current IT systems seeking ways to ensure many years of continued success and compliance with the very best practices in the IT community. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Request for Project (RFP) The following document shall serve as the RFP (Request for Project) for the Patton-Fuller Community Hospital.

Team A has researched the hospital’s current IT systems seeking ways to ensure many years of continued success and compliance. Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Request for Project (RFP) CMGT / IT Infrastructure Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Request for Project (RFP). Patton Fuller Networking Project Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Project shawn williams IT Infrastructure Tammy lee November 24, Patton-Fuller Community Hospital (PFCH) was established in and is a for-profit hospital dedicated to serving the needs of its community by providing quality medical care.

View Essay - CMGT - Patton – Fuller Community Hospital RFP from CMGT at University of Phoenix. Running head: PATTON FULLER COMMUNITY HOSPITAL RFP WEEK 5 Patton Fuller Community Hospital. ·Resources: Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization, University of Phoenix Material: Request for Project (RFP) More hospitals and businesses are turning towards the use of the Internet to provide information to both staff and customers.

Patton fuller community hospital request for project rfp
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