Pestel five forces and swot analysis of apple

Its customer orientation has also helped it build a strong impression on its customers. Invest in green technology: Apple has a very large base of loyal customers and fans worldwide.

The tech giant released Apple watch with the hope that it would be a success like its Iphone. Otherwise businesses may face losses if they fail to notice the importance of these factors also known as PESTEL factors.

The higher the political stability in a market, the higher will be the level of economic stability there. This factor is a threat because it creates new challenges for Apple in developing products that involve transmission of private information.

In this case, the following are the most notable strengths of Apple Inc.: The suppliers must provide the workers with safe working conditions and products and services as per the standards. Growth in mobile technology can drive sales of I-phones but hurts Mac sales. It is because the new generation is a tech savvy generation and has all the information accessible that it needs to evaluate its products.

World over, it is known as one of the smartest technology brands and despite a premium image is loved for its consumer orientation. SWOT can be described a more general and overall assessment. Apple should be able to thrive in spite of these challenges because it has demonstrated an impressive ability to adapt to a changing environment.

Political issues are there all around the globe. Threat of new entrants: The reasons are both technological and economical.

From Mac laptops and OS to smartphone, these products are designed in a manner that they do not have to depend on the software or hardware. This is also why the brand incurs a very high level of expenditure on Research and Development. Political chaos can lead to disruption of supply chain and distribution network which will lead to financial loss.

Apple Inc. PESTLE Analysis

Its Singapore facilities are powered by a 32 megawatt solar project and in China Apple is planning to add megawatts of solar energy to its capability. You are expected to identify the strength of each of the forces.

Factors you can assess are: In this way the MRP of a product is around three times its production costs.

Apple PESTEL Analysis

Television commercials, online and outer form of online and offline channels also aid the advertising and marketing of its products. Though Apple is a leading company in the industry, this analysis depicts the advancements and progress that needs focus to maintain its leadership and credibility, and also to formulate strategies accordingly.

Even starting at a local and very small level would require significantly large investment. Its supply chain is quite complex and spread virtually all over the world.

Only areas that need attention are the legal and political. Potential Impact of Economic Factors on Apple Increased labor costs in China could take away the cost advantage of some Apple products. In addition, the company faces the threat of imitation. Reliability - Is the source reputable?

Gives your ideas more credibility and authority when you incorporate expert opinions, ideas, and facts. HP is enjoying the highest market share follows by Lenovo and Dell. Expansion of the distribution network Higher sales volumes based on rising demand Development of new product lines Apple Inc.

Authority - Who created the information? Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Apart from it, changing preferences and tastes also affect sales of particular products.This PESTEL analysis identifies the most significant external factors that Apple must include in addressing its macro-environment.

Though Apple is a leading company in the industry, this analysis depicts the advancements and progress that needs focus to maintain its leadership and credibility, and also to formulate strategies accordingly.

Strategic Analysis of Apple

Apple Inc. - An Analysis: PESTEL analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces analysis, SWOT analysis, Comprehensive analysis of financial ratios, and Comprehensive analysis of share performance of Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis & Recommendations

Read a strategic analysis of Apple including a SWOT analysis forvalue chain analysis, VRIO analysis, financial analysis, five forces, pestel and more. Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar.

Porter’s Five Forces analysis is a model used for industry analysis. Apple plays a significant role in four businesses, namely the communication equipment industry, the music and video industry, the mobile phones industry, and the. This Pestel Analysis of Apple Inc explains the various forces in Apple’s Macro Environment that are affecting its business.

Apple has dealt in a narrow range of products traditionally. During the recent years, it tried to expand its business by adding new products and services like Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

PEST & PESTEL Analysis

PEST or PESTEL analysis is a simple and effective tool used in situation analysis to identify the key external (macro environment level) forces that might affect an organization.

These forces can create both opportunities and threats for an organization.

Pestel five forces and swot analysis of apple
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