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For example, they point out that most youngsters who engage in delinquent behavior do so with other juveniles and often in organized gangs. For example, delinquency rates tend to be high among the low-income groups in societies where most people are well-to-do.

The more progressive institutions for juveniles attempt to provide treatment programs for offenders--work experiences, counseling, education, and group therapy. This cannot be said about someone whose punishment is too light when compared to the crime committed.

One of the most effective ways is to take the child away from the situation in which the behaviour occurred. The results of these investigations have shown that it is doubtful that any child becomes a delinquent for any single reason.

Experts have concluded that youthful misbehavior is much more common than is indicated by arrest records and juvenile court statistics.

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The issue of morals makes answering this question more difficult, as people are taught that the same rules for adults cannot be applied to children. Some of us are more tolerant than others and some people are more willing to behave in a way that is expected of them.

Social scientists have also studied the influence of other youngsters on those who commit delinquencies.

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Recent publications Finding an MLA paper sample Write for us Want to join our writing team and help English speaking students all over the world get better grades and improve their GPA? In some communities, the police ignore many children who are accused of minor delinquencies or refer them directly to their parents.

If you stuck with essay read this essay writing manual. Looking for someone who will write your essay? However, many other institutions provide little more than protective custody for juvenile delinquents. Many of these inquiries concentrate on differing rates of delinquency, rather than on the way individuals become delinquents.

In recent years, many efforts have centered on improving the educational and work skills of youngsters. Even minors are clearly capable of understanding the law and their obligations to comply with it.

Is it fair to punish a minor under the laws designed for adults? However there may also be an innate problem. Do you remember doing something mischievous or wrong when you were a kid and getting the label "delinquent" slapped on you?

Sociologists have conducted a number of studies to determine how much delinquency is not reported to the police. Other programs draw youngsters into clubs and recreational centers in an effort to keep them away from situations in which delinquency is likely to occur. This should make the perpetrators understand the real extent of their actions.

A person who is duly punished for breaking the law will be wearier of repeating the act. Order custom essay writers now. In conclusion, I have defined juvenile delinquency, explained the extent of juvenile delinquency, gave some suggestions on what causes juvenile delinquency, and what is being done in various communities to deal with the problem of juvenile delinquency.

Most of these have focused on family relationships or on neighborhood or community conditions. The usual explanation is either it is part of the child themselves, their personality, their inner self Natureor it is because of their experience as they were growing up, especially in the formative years Nurture.

Girls are becoming increasingly involved in juvenile delinquency. The pain of being poor and living in slum conditions are felt more strongly in a rich society than in a poor one.

Thinking of classroom behaviour there is always few in the class that continually disrupt a lesson, and show little regard for the teacher and for the other students. It is hard to argue this position as the crimes committed by gang members, regardless of their age, are often as serious and heinous as the ones committed by adults.

In reality although it is reasonable to ask why a child becomes a delinquent, it is also reasonable to seek the best possible way to help the child move on and develop a new set of behaviours.

Physics homework help for college students Juvenile Delinquency The subject of Juvenile Delinquency is not a simple subject to deal with. Site Search Juvenile Delinquency The act of participating in a crime by a minor is considered juvenile delinquency.

But in truth many households that are deemed as poor generally tend to be more loving and more disciplined than more wealthy households. Probation services are offered through juvenile courts in an effort to provide guidance for delinquent children.

A third or more of those boys living in the slum areas of large cities may appear in a juvenile court at least once. If one looks at the problem from one point of view, it is hard to understand why the criminal cannot be punished with the entire severity of the law.Our writing service will save you time and grade.

Need a different (custom) essay on Argumentative Essays? Buy a custom essay on Argumentative Essays. In conclusion, I have defined juvenile delinquency, explained the extent of juvenile delinquency, gave some suggestions on what causes juvenile delinquency.

People who support the idea that juvenile delinquency should be perceived as a less serious crime, based solely on the age of the offenders, do not see the whole picture. If the nature of the acts committed by minors is serious enough to be tried under adult laws, this is the course of action that should be taken.

The benefits of revising the juvenile delinquency law Have you ever heard of recent crimes around us committed. Documents Similar To Argumentative Essay. Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. Argument Essay 1.

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Writing a conclusion to an argumentative essay on juvenile
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